Fighting for Freedom

When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, my attention was caught by a small bird hanging upside down from the cables/power lines/phone lines (can’t tell which is which).

Its right foot was caught between the twisting cables, and couldn’t get itself free. It just rained that afternoon so the little bird was drenched, with its leg bloodied and wings somewhat reddened by frantic effort to fly free.

I wanted very badly to help the bird — at first, I thought it was a warbler, but I couldn’t tell because the feathers were all messed up — but I have nothing long enough to help it with, and the fact that it may be the power lines also frightened me. Everywhere around me was wet, and add that electricity — I am signing up for a death warrant. I didn’t want to mess with that.

I stayed right where I was hoping that some miracle would happen. A small flock of sparrows gathered nearby and I awaited in eager anticipation if birds have the capacity to show compassion and organize a rescue. But they just looked on and flew away. A warbler came very close but only gazed curiously at the hanging bird momentarily and flew afar.

“You’re a goner! Tough luck, buddy!” I thought the birds were saying.

“Are there any good Samaritan birds among you!?” I called back in my head.

The little drenched bird tried with what’s left of its might to set itself free, but failed time and time again. It was then shivering either from cold or exhaustion as it showed signs of surrender.

I had finally decided to go and get ready for Kendo practice. I left the sight of the poor bird, still hanging upside down, reluctantly waiting at Death’s door.

By morning, I found it already cold and lifeless, billowed by the strong wind that sways it to and fro. It didn’t get its freedom because no one thought to help it free.

I was very saddened at the sight of it. It had not meant to meet its end there. It is an awful and a most unfortunate way to die.

It was a sparrow.

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