Cat Appreciates Nature Too

One of the loveliest things to see in one’s lifetime is seeing animals appreciating nature.

I was about to leave the house on an errand when, as I drew my curtains, I saw right outside my door a cat appearing to be smelling my miniature bamboo-like plant. I then realized that it was trying to scratch its whiskers on my plant’s tiny, needle-like but gentle leaves. It then moved on to my fragrant Indian Borage plant, which the cat first sniffed, and seemingly smiling continued to play its whiskers on its leaves.

It then started grooming itself right before me with reckless abandon.

How fascinating it was to watch this stray orange tabby look so at home on my mini-balcony. I unlocked and unlatched my door as slowly and as quietly as I could manage, and clearly I’ve done a good job because before the cat realized it I was already standing right behind him.

I shut my door with an unintentional bang and this startled the cat. It scampered down the stairs with such panicked agility, but not before I could say, “Hello, cat!”

As I descended the stairs, I found him crossing roof to roof to Lord-knows-where. I wish he knows he’s very welcome to stop by and smell my plants anytime. He can lounge at my balcony too for all I care.

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