This Was What Today Was Like

Today is an interesting day for me on 5 levels.

First, I discovered a large, dead rat on the bottom landing of my stairs (the floor of which belongs to my male neighbor downstairs) — the second scene of the crime this year which was clearly committed by the neighborhood stray cats. I was so grossed out that morning I kind of uttered a very loud “shit!” as I tried to get through to the next set of stairs leading to the ground floor and avoid walking over it. I then expected the neighbor to do something about it before I got home. Why? Because as part of our unwritten agreement with our landlady, it’s HIS responsibility to keep his floor clean!

Second, I discovered double exposure by accident. In theory, I knew what it was but had never done it deliberately before so I had such a delicious time trying it out.

Third, I fixed my Art Room’s water problem. Me, a non-plumber, who for 2-3 years had to put up with the ridiculous amount of water that flows from the faucets every single working day, even after several ‘handy men’ had come to take a look into the problem and found nothing nor any effective solutions, fixed the water pressure problem:On. My. Own.

My student washing her hands with very poor water pressure coming out of the faucet.

Well, I fixed the problem mostly by accident after I somehow managed to sever the faucet off the pipe, which had water blasting out all over me and on the sink, which then gave me the understanding that the problem was not with the water pressure — it was the faucet itself!! I re-attached the faucet with much trial and error and finally got the water coming out quite nicely. How about that, huh? The other faucet may need to be replaced as it is hopelessly uncooperative.

Yes, I am so proud of myself for once again fixing a mechanical problem. I mean, it’s that kind of accomplishment which makes one feel good because it has nothing directly to do with one’s line of work. 🙂

Fourth, when I returned home, I met my neighbor on the stairs, who was about to go out for either an early dinner or his usual exercise at the Olympic Stadium, smiling jolly and everything, and then completely terrified the shit out of me when I found out that he didn’t do anything about the dead rat the had started to rot and smell on the landing! I couldn’t believe how he just deliberately ignored it when it’s laying there on his flat’s floor by the next sets of stairs — he practically seen it thrice that day (and as for me, I just got back from work!). Tsk tsk. I am very disappointed with my neighbor.

So guess what I did? Yes, I got rid of it myself even though I had to cry out several “shits” in doing so — because it really is a ‘shitty’ job!

I covered my broom with plastic to prod and move the dead body towards the dust pan covered with plastic as well — so that none of my own stuff gets contaminated by some deadly rat disease. I did this WHILE FEELING NAUSEATED, and then poured bleach over the floor where the body had been laying and made sure the cat goes nowhere near it to poison itself and let ‘karma’ work its way. Then I chucked the plastic body bag on the corner of our street, right across a new food stall where we usually throw our garbage.

People are so gross — because they installed a food stall on the very spot where we throw our garbage each night. How sanitary is that?!

I kind of resent my neighbor about that incident. But I guess no one wants to deal with a large, disgusting rotting rat after all.

Finally, I received a job offer from a digital agency this evening. It seems I was sought out for a specific job. I am enormously flattered, but highly unsure about it. I am already ‘settled’ so to speak in my present employment, and making a 180 degree career shift is really frightening. But I’m not closed to the idea or the opportunity. I just need to weigh by options very carefully and thoroughly before making a huge, life-changing decision.

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