The Mysterious Error 118

I have been having connection problems lately — no matter what I do, I couldn’t access my blog from my laptop and often receive an Error 118 from Google Chrome while everyone else could see my blog just fine from their computers. I’ve read every troubleshooting articles there are — clearing my cache, browsing history, cookies, uninstalled and re-installed Chrome, used the command prompt to do some ‘programming’ fixes — but still I found myself ‘unlucky’ in solving the problem.

How then am I able to write this blog entry right now, you may be wondering? Well, at present I am at a restaurant with free Wi-fi and I am happily able to connect to my website without any trouble whatsoever! This then concludes the 2-week long mystery over Error 118 — the problems is with my ISP, not my laptop. Perhaps it’s high time I change to a new ISP.

Lumix GX1 + 30mm Sigma lens (2x digital zoom).

On photography — I have been shooting as much and practicing as much as my love for photography grows. You can check some of my work out on the Photography menu of this blog.

Above is a photo of my neighbor’s window. I took this sometime in November while awaiting the penumbral lunar eclipse, which unfortunately was invisible to the naked eye (I didn’t know that at that time). While surveying my neighborhood, I found myself fascinated with the idea of negative space — of how the only thing you see in the frame is a lit window while the entire background around the window reveals no other details.

Lumix GX1 + 30mm Sigma lens (cropped)

The next photo is of a man who opens our sealed garbage to retrieve plastic bottles and Lord-knows-what-else (glass, tin cans, metals scraps, cardboard boxes?). Although I understand that it is his livelihood, I, along with my neighborhood and the city garbage collectors, am quite annoyed, nay, immensely inconvenienced with the mess he leaves after the carnage he does with our garbage bags, which is made worse by (stray) dogs. There is a reason why those bags are sealed — so that spoiled food and bio-hazards are contained. And for those who perpetuates the stereotype that night looters like him “eat garbage,” shame on you very much for this demeaning and appalling description for the mere pleasure of making a ridiculous point. Stripping the man of his dignity and the respect for making an honest living is a very poor display of maturity, common sense and decency.

Lumix GX1 + 14mm

Lumix GX1 + 14mm

Sunsets over Phnom Penh. The first photograph is of the sun setting over my neighborhood — the colors were just so beautiful that I quickly grabbed my camera and took several shots of it. The GX1 did well the capture its colors. The second photograph was taken from a recent river cruise to the Mekong River. It shows the lights of Phnom Penh from the boat I was in on that side of the river — a hand-held challenge.

These photos are not in my Facebook albums.

Taken with Nikon COOLPIX S640


-Updated my Header by adding some of my own photographs.

-Changed my background from ultra-feminine to Art Deco.

-Revamped the Photography Menu and its Pages (Gallery).

-Replaced my Featured Image with one of my recent shots.

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