The Sink Stopper


I was hurrying to the window overlooking a wide plane where the skies were filled with sea gulls in enchanting flight. Of course, I carried with me my camera and as I was tweaking the settings I couldn’t see the LCD screen very well. The odd thing is, this only happens when the sun is very bright and shining directly on the screen. But I was indoors. The sun wasn’t bright at all. It was a cloudy day! What was even odder is that I was suddenly pulled out of that very moment into half-woken state of disorientation when I heard my landlady’s frantic voice knocking at my door, calling out my name.


The moment I heard her jingling keys inserted itself in my door’s keyhole (and the door knob being rattled), it then confirmed to me that there really wasn’t any window of sea gulls, nor was there a camera on stand-by to capture that decisive moment.

I was clearly dreaming that.


I got out of bed quickly and rushed to the door in panic as I didn’t know why my landlady was there and was trying to open my door. When I reached the door and saw through the glass that she wasn’t alone, I then realized she came to have my sink fixed (which I brought to her attention yesterday when I paid my rent).

It was in moments like these when I should have followed my gut the previous night to tell them to send the repairman another day: It was already 10:30 AM and I was still in my bed. My landlady has every right to wonder why and be concerned.

Thankfully my room was not in an awful state of disarray as the last time she was in here. It was just a matter of returning my books back in the shelf, hiding my unwashed dishes, and making my bed. It was very much a Barry Allen kind of moment for me – rushing to and fro to conceal my mess and grabbing a shawl on the very last second (when I thankfully realized I hadn’t a bra on underneath a long t-shirt and was in my lady’s boxers) before letting them in.

Sometime later, my landlady left to answer a phone call from her mobile phone and then soon after the repairman followed her out to show her the metal stopper that got stuck in my sink that needed replacing. While they were both gone, I took the opportunity to put my bra on.

Half-naked there was I behind my portable closet when the repairman nearly walked in, his booming voice being the only indication of his distance from me!! Clearly, I was mistaken in believing he had left the premises. I quickly ditched my bra, pulled my shirt back down and wrapped myself again with a shawl in frenzy! I then composedly sat on my bed as if I didn’t even bother. I don’t know if the repairman noticed, but if he did, he showed no indications of ever noticing so I thank him for his discretion.

Well, that certainly was an adrenalin rush for me so early in the morning. Well, mid-morning.

As of this moment the metal stopper’s been replaced and I can use my bathroom sink again.

You’ll also be pleased to know that I am finally fully clothed in my t-shirt and jeans.


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