Some Girls Do Cooking; I Do Budo

An old family friend remarked (after seeing one of my photo albums) how I am ‘really’ following my dad’s footsteps. He is either referring to my enthusiasm for photography, or my seeming dedication to kendo.

I don’t know if I completely agree with him, but I guess in a way he speaks the truth — I am my father’s daughter afterall — but photography is a passion of my dad’s that just rubbed off on me through the years, while martial arts is something of a family interest. Growing up watching all of Jackie Chan’s films at home with my family was kind of responsible for that.

But kendo of course is something special. I only vaguely got introduced to it through anime, Japanese magazines, and samurai films when I was younger. I was very much drawn to the armor, which I thought was just so frighteningly beautiful that anyone wearing it looks darn badass and invincible. Well, I later on found out that the privilege to wear this armor is no easy matter, and that to do so would test your endurance to the limits. Now that I am actually part of a club dedicated in expanding kendo in Cambodia, I have learned to appreciate it as a budo.

Back to my dad, I remembered a photo of him as a youngster doing some Judo or Karate moves (according to him, the martial art he was doing then was fairly new and was still unknown, and originated from Korea. Not very long ago, he found out that the martial art he was doing then is Tae-Kwon-Do). Well here’s what I cooked up today showing 2 generations of martial artists:

judo kendo 2

Top photo: My dad on the bottom doing the throwing. Bottom photo: Me on the left  hitting ‘men’

judo kendo

Left photo: My dad (right) at 14 years of age. Right photo: Me, at… NOT 14 years of age.

Well, “martial” or not, we remain… artists.

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