I’ve Been Gumiho-Entranced

Korean drama has invaded my life! That’s practically the gist of my 2 summer months. Because there’s always a Gil Ra Im or a Choi Kan Chi to look forward to when I get home, I no longer felt the motivation to go out for photography walks, or do some watercolor painting practice like I had intended over the recent holiday. K-dramas had ruled my world. True enough, I had laughed a lot, I had cried a few, I had my heart broken into irreparable shreds and watched it pounded mercilessly into powder, and because I find myself constantly being drawn to the drama of it all, my 2 months had been terribly counter-productive as far as creative output is concerned. I don’t even participate in photography group’s assignments anymore. So yeah, thanks a lot, Korean film industry! You people are so darn good — from your directors down to your screenwriters — I am shamefully addicted to you!

Nah, I don’t really blame the K-dramas for my reclusive life of late. It’s too hot out for photography walks this summer, so what’s the best thing to do on very warm days and nights at home? Watch J-Drama or K-Drama, of course! And as for painting, well, I did do plenty of drawing practice instead. I practically forced myself into it because I just felt the need to do so since I literally had no creative outlet especially with Lee Seung Gi smiling his gumiho smile like that on my screen — how can I take my sight off that? I’m glued to my laptop!

Well here are the sketches I produced during my free time (when I am not anywhere near my laptop) these past 2 weeks. At first it was a struggle to get into it, but as soon as I had accomplished one drawing, I found myself turning to the next page of my sketchbook to start another one. It’s so far going really good.

Today I was thrilled to receive a box of chalk pastels from a friend. This only heightens my interest to explore drawing in various media —  aside from graded pencils, I can now enjoy trying out pen and ink (like, literally pens with different nibs and a bottle of ink), pen brush, compact charcoals, graphite crayon and this time chalk pastels! I’m excited to try it all out!


The Shakespeare drawing is drawn with a pen brush.

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