Neighborhood Portraits

It seems to me that windy days seem to inspire me to be creative. On these days I like to go out, let the wind blow my hair and cool my neck, and if I was wearing something flowing, then a flowy fabric billowing in the wind makes me feel good about my skin.

Well today was windy and the sky was beautifully embellished with fluffy clouds that I was motivated to take out my camera. After taking several snapshots, I started noticing people. From across the street construction was going on from a recently demolished house.



Then several houses away I noticed a man hunched by his doorway apparently immersed in a phone conversation. It made me wonder who is on the other line: his girlfriend perhaps? His body language seems to say so.


I then moved up to the rooftop  just finding something worth photographing and when I was about to descend, I noticed a young man looking out his window, framed wonderfully by it. There is no doubt that he had seen me taking photographs up there on the rooftop, because when it was my turn to take notice of him, he seemed quite ready to be candidly photographed. But candid it was not. He seemed rehearsed in his poses, so I took that opportunity (of him pretending to ignore me) to boldly take pictures of him.




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