My second official URBEX is at the former French Embassy!

We know very well that this old, abandoned building is fenced in, which brings about the feeling that it is a restricted place and can never — as long as we ever shall live — be photographed within. Well, I was dead wrong! Today we decided to walk around it and discovered to our great surprise that it is open to public! …A best-kept secret though.

The place is inhabited on the first floor by people who probably keeps watch of the building as it is a protected structure which still belongs very much to the French, as explained to me by one of the English-speaking residents. We were able to take some pretty decent photographs, except I was so bummed out for not bringing my handy-dandy wide angle lens, which would have made photographing much more fun! Since all I carried with me was my telephoto zoom lens, I was quite miffed that everything I was photographing was so close (vantage point-wise) and I had to keep moving back some great distances simply to put everything I want to see within the frame. It was a feat! Thankfully I had my point-and-shoot, but still it was disappointingly poor quality.

We discovered too that the upper floors which is inaccessible is inhabited by chimps! 😀 How awesome is that?

After that wonderful excursion at the former French Embassy ruins, we headed for the Post Office to wait for our tuk-tuk driver. While there, I found myself fascinated with the building from across us and the Fire Tree on the right.

Art Deco detail of a balcony Fire Tree


When our tuk-tuk arrived, we headed for Cafe Fresco for cool air conditioning, and also for lunch. From there, my friend and I walked to the old, dilapidated French Colonial Villa just around the corner. It was pretty amazing how we were allowed in and take photographs of the facade — something discouraged before. I suppose it’s still discouraged, but we got permission today!

I finally get to photograph some details I’ve always wanted to shoot. Like the relief of those ladies on the side of the walls, the columns, the roof facade, etc.

P1120957 P1120984 P1120980 P1120977 P1120975 P1120970 P1120968 P1120960


It was a pretty remarkable day and I am so happy about it! It’s a real Urban Exploration Day!

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