New Paintings

My boss remarked that I’m getting better and better each year. She is referring of course to my painting skills. Well, the cards do look better this year I think (or perhaps the ideas were better?). Although I must admit it took two trial-and-error paintings (and wasted watercolor paper) before I finally got the hang of painting in watercolors again.

Yes, once again she has commissioned me (as she had done for the last 7 years) to paint farewell cards for teachers leaving this academic year. She deems it as a school tradition for outgoing staff to receive a custom-made card from me. I suppose I do too, but I was more than willing to undertake the task yet again because among those leaving is a very special friend.

Below are the paintings I have done so far in watercolor. I have to cram one more tonight (as requested — on a rush — by my boss this morning, and I must say I am taking my sweet time with it. I must be really tired if I’m slacking off like this big time). These will be presented tomorrow morning during the staff party so I really hope they like (or are amused by) my work. I failed to scan the two other paintings, but, oh well… .

I especially hope my friend loves the painting I did for her. It’s a kind of time-travel into the era we both love.

gayla 3


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