Rushed Painting

Yay! I finished the last painting. Phew!

I thought I was going to pull an all-nighter, but no. It just took me not more than 2 hours, unlike yesterday when I had to call it a night at half past one in the morning

Well below is a card for my One Stroke teacher, also a member of our school’s staff. She is such an artistic person! Her house is like an artsy country home that I often gawk at in interior design books, and she hand-paints her furniture and her cupboards/cabinets are filled with China. She is one amazing woman! edithSo I wanted to show a bit of that in the painting, although given the time constraints I couldn’t do more (as I first planned). But I’m pretty proud of this one. It is so her!

Oh, and it was her who gave me the Indian Borage plant which now grows abundantly on my balcony (or balconet?). It’s all thanks to her!

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