A Literary Binge!

Ever since I got my Kindle Fire HD 7″last June I have become an even voracious reader. According to Goodreads, I have read 17 books just this month, 19 books last July and 8 books in the month of June.  That is NOT a normal thing for me! I tend to finish just 4 or 5 books in one month (at most) so this incredible change of pace, of possessing a Kindle, has either done me a huge bad or a very big good.

vj kindle fire hd mifi virgin mobile wifi portable

My Kindle Fire HD 7″ along with my MiFi

To start off, I love the idea of having my entire library in one very portable device. I can be anywhere in the world and my library goes there with me. Depending on which mood I am in I can choose from hundreds of titles and from dozens of genres to suit my needs. I have the option of purchasing a book without having to pay a visit to the bookstore. I can also have the book to read to me (through immersion reading) if I ever felt like it.

All these a reasons enough why the Kindle Fire HD 7″ is a fantastic gadget for me.

Now, here are other reasons and comparisons I’ve made between the acquisition of  Kindle and what life was like pre-Kindle.

I used to have a bright lamp beside (or overhead) me (and at one point used a head-torch) which unfortunately reflects its brightness off the paperback pages straight onto my sight which tends to strain my eyes. But the Kindle has given me the pleasure of reading at night without having to worry about poor or excessive lighting. The backlighting’s brightness can be adjusted according to my preference, and I can continuously read in the darkness after I have long hit my room’s light off without feeling the strains of reading for too long.

The down side of this is, when the book is so darn good I could not put my Kindle down until suddenly a rooster can be heard cock-a-doodle-dooing from a distance and then daybreak begins to light the room. So yes, I will admit to be sleeping most mornings off and being up most nights because of this — which apparently happens too frequently. Body clock desperately needs to be reset.

Another great thing I love about the Kindle is the enormously convenient Dictionary! All I have to do is just click on an unfamiliar word and — tada~!! — the definition appears, complete with highlighting color choices! No need to intentionally consult my thick, dusty, Dictionary sandwiched beneath stacks of books in my tsundoku pile, which requires some physical effort to do (e.g. getting off my butt and reaching out). So yes, Kindle has turned me into a couch potato.

But the best thing about my Kindle is its all-around function — it has WiFi access which can download and play games, connect to social media, check and send e-mails, play music and videos and surf the web. What a remarkable piece of technology this is! Thank you, Amazon, you beautiful thing you! The downside of all this of course is becoming addicted to the Despicable Me Minion game (along with a few others) and just spending hours uselessly navigating through it many functions. I have been s0000o unproductive!

To read about the books I’ve read continue to the next post.

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