Greetings from the very rainy, or rather stormy Philippines!

Yes, I’ve been here for a while now enjoying my stay with my beloved family. However, it had been pouring non-stop since I got here, so I have been indoors most of the time but that’s just all right with me. Staying in is much preferable and more relaxing… and cheaper! After all I am now broke from paying my monthly insurance, my PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig fund. *sigh* Life of an adult and an OFW to boot. Not that I’m complaining. I know I’ll be reaping the benefits at some future time, so cheers to that!

We did have the pleasure of some very sunny days sometime ago and we were able to make short trips outdoors, but since then it’s been gloomy skies and wet pavements ever since. According to the news on TV and some FB posts, many parts of my country has been flooded, people’s homes are knee-deep in water, while others are evacuating their homes or needing rescuing from being stranded on flooded streets. A state of calamity had just been declared.

I really hope the pouring rain stops and this storm, who is called Maring, would just leave the Philippine area of responsibility… for good! I am bound to head back for Cambodia soon anyway!

Well, way before Maring happened — and just when the weather had just started being ‘disagreeable’ (and had suspended my sister’s classes a couple of times — yay! ) that didn’t dampen my spirit of having ‘fun’!

vj photography in the rain

Rain cannot stop me from shooting. In fact, it makes for some very interesting subjects. (Photograph by Len Joson)


For example, rain drops making splashes on puddles…


…or water droplets hanging on some pretty blossoms, like my current header photo (see above).

Then on a fair-weather day, my favorite photography subjects are cats!


These cats are so adorable. They were cuddling and trying to keep each other warm.


This cat is very tame and friendly. However, she seems to be missing a tail….


This cat is rather wary of me, always keeping its distance.


This kitten is taking a nap in a shed where all sorts of junk’s been dumped. Still groggy, I think.


And here I am shooting birds and cats, but mostly cats. (Photograph by Len Joson).

Unfortunately, I haven’t been photographing the strays due to the current weather. They’re probably taking shelter somewhere else, but from time to time they do make an appearance in the neighborhood, rain pouring madly or not. And since photography is not an option at present (for lack of anything interesting to shoot), I have been doing a fantastic amount of reading.

Read on to my next post for some very short book reviews.

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