Non-Fiction Dietary Recommendation

To balance my unhealthy literary diet of good and bad fictional reads, I have set aside some non-fiction readings to also help strengthen my mental and spiritual needs, courtesy of my dad’s library.


The Everlasting Man
by G.K. Chesterton

For many centuries it has boggled the minds of many how Christianity has survived and thrived through the rise and fall of civilizations, the wars and the persecutions, to name a few. Chesterton brilliantly dissects the myths that brands Christianity as ‘similar’ to every other religion on earth and shows how there is no comparison to them and how unique the Christian dogma is, starting off with the Incarnation.

I will admit that I had trouble following Chesterton’s train of thought at times, but I will also admit that he is such a brilliant thinker that his brilliance shines all throughout the pages. His logic and wealth of knowledge and prowess in argument is staggering! It is quite a heavy read though.


The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited
by C. Baxter Kruger

Dr. Kruger retraces the original teachings on the Trinity, as first taught and endorsed by the Church Fathers. The dance pertains to the mutual indwelling and loving relationship between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and how this Trinitarian relationship of inclusion is relevant to every man, woman and child in their daily lives, their passions, their interests, circumstances, etc. and is not just a shallow idea confined within the pews of the church.

This books is a tremendously wonderful read — written in easily-understandable language ala C.S. Lewis and is honest! I felt like falling in love all over again with life and with the Triune God. 🙂


Jesus and the Undoing of Adam
by C. Baxter Kruger

This book is all about rethinking our way of seeing God by backtracking on what happened in the Garden of Eden and in Calvary, and how both events lead to the original plan of the Triune Godhead to include mankind in their loving, mutually indwelling relationship as consistently expressed within the pages of both the Old and New Testament books.

I’d consider this as a great introduction to Trinitarian Theology and Dr. Kruger remarkably explains with clarity and honesty what exactly it is, and how exactly it is relevant to our lives.


The Shack Revisited: There Is More Going On Here than You Ever Dared to Dream
by C. Baxter Kruger

Okay, another Dr. Kruger read. I may clearly now be a fan of the guy, but this book explains the many references made by Wm. Paul Young’s  book “The Shack” on Trinitarian thought and although I am not through with the book yet, I can already attest that this is a fantastic read! If you are a little lost in the world of “The Shack” and find some bits perplexing, go grab this book! You will then find why Young portrayed ‘Papa’ so.


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