It’s Friday and it’s fried noodles for me, please.

It’s been a rainy weather daily here in Phnom Penh unfortunately for my childhood friend and her friend, who arrived last evening from Vietnam hoping to see the sights of the Kingdom of Wonder. Thankfully, the weather cooperated today in the morning and so they were able to see the Killing Fields, Toul Sleng (S-21 Genocidal Museum) and the Royal Palace before it started raining endlessly again.

I was surprised to see how high Tonle Sap’s (Riverside) water level is too! It’s really high! The boats and ships and ferries all appear so close and within reach, it’s just staggering! It was also amazing to finally notice the river flow on the Tonle Sap going the opposite direction this time of the year — towards Siem Reap! A-bloody-mazing!!

angry bird chicken night market stick snack food

Angry Chicken and other side… er, nibbles.


Our English-speaking waiter serves our food


Tonight, it was my first time to eat at the Night Market (or in any open-air, Cambodian-style noodle dining). The noodles were wonderfully tasty, but awfully oily. Although it was drizzling, and at times raining mildly, the singers continued their performances on stage. People still flocked the place with nary a care that their clothing was soaking wet. The umbrella habit is still pretty much ignored here, much to my companions’ bafflement.


5th grade Illumination project for Medieval Art unit.  Pen & ink with poster paint on parchment paper. The story is about The Nibelungs.

5th grade Illumination project for Medieval Art unit (draft).
Pen & ink with poster paint on parchment paper.
The story is about the “Nibelungs” (which I would unfortunately have to do again because I got the story wrong).


While I was working on an illumination project for 5th grade, some of my younger students came up to me and admired my work. Then one of them said:

“[Teacher], you know, when I grow up I want to be an Art teacher!”

“Me too!” remarked another.

“Me too!” joined in two others.

My heart swelled upon hearing this. How many children on this planet has ever even thought about being an Art teacher at such an early age? This is the first I’ve heard of it. To want to be an artist, yes, that’s a common dream among musing children, but to be — specifically — an Art teacher?

Hmm… .

I am honestly very flattered.

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