24-Hour Comics Day Again!

For the third time around, I joined the 24-Hour Comics Day held at Java Cafe last Saturday, 28th of September, hosted by Our Books.


It was wonderful to see more people participate this year, and I was told that there are about 70 submissions this time, which is a truly huge increase from the previous years!

24-hour comics day page pen and ink calligraphy

This year, I have decided to try out pen and ink — like, literal pens and a bottle of ink. If you have been following my blog, then you are right to guess that this is brought about by my interest in Medieval illuminations presently.

I used a couple of calligraphy nibs, which were gifts to me from a friend now living in the Netherlands — a C2 and B5 1/2 (I think). As a continuation to my 24-Hour Comic page submission last year, I wrote about my Kindle, which has now replaced my seeming obsession for tangible books.

Currently, Java Cafe is exhibiting last years’ 24-Hour Comics Day entries, which are mostly by Cambodian artists. However, one of those on display includes my own, so if you’re ever in Phnom Penh do check it out!

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