For some time now I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to Totō Ramen (located on Norodom Blvd.) and finally satisfy my months-long craving for ramen!

Toto ramen norodom blvd phnom penh cambodia restaurant japanese

Toto Ramen along Norodom Blvd.

The ambiance is quite to my liking because of it’s dominant use of whites and blues, and its use of laminated wood for added traditional Japanese resto effect. There’s a good deal of ambient light coming through their large-framed windows overlooking Norodom Blvd., which is something I very much approve of. So experience-wise, I was already sold out to the place. Now, this being the comeback-day from P’Chum Ben when shops have just begun opening again and work resumes for some, it was very peaceful at the restaurant and was conducive to quiet and profound ruminations.

duck ramen toto restaurant phnom penh cambodia norodom blvd

Duck Ramen (about $7+)

Perusing the menu, I was disappointed that most of their ramen only have pork as meat. I’m not really that big on pork so I was rather dismayed that there weren’t many choices apart from one Beef and one Duck Ramen. I ordered the latter instead, and found the meat tender and the soup wonderful. However, I was a little sad to find my ramen missing a naruto on it (that white and pink swirly thing), as advertised on the menu.  But overall, presentation included, the ramen was satisfying.

california roll maki toto restaurant japanese phnom penh cambodia norodom blvd

California Roll (about $5+)

I also ordered California Rolls, which was rather soggy from an overabundance of mayonnaise, and I struggled to pick it up with chopsticks, which at one point sloppily crumbled on the table with a lazy splat. Eating it with my fingers would’ve been a lot messier, so I didn’t go for it. I’m never ordering this one ever again!

Although I enjoyed the Duck Ramen a lot and find it pretty good, I do think it was rather pricey, so I don’t suppose  I’ll be coming back any time soon. But I will definitely return for their ramen perhaps sometime in the next month or two. I have yet to find those other Japanese restaurants I’ve read about serving good ramen at less the price.  So yes, the hunt is on!

Since I was also reading a lot of e-book samples of photography books lately (which I may or may not buy) and have been constantly reminded to photograph what interests me the most, I was inspired to bring my camera with me with the intent of trying my hand at food photography, hence the enthusiasm for falling into the trend of photographing my food — but with style! *wink*

And with ramen being my current subject of interest, you may (or may not) be seeing plenty of ramen photographs from this day onwards.

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