It Is Done!

Here is the final product of 4th grade’s Mummy Mask project, which is a papier mâché mask painted with poster colors of red, yellow, blue and gold outlined with black acrylic.

One of the fourth grade teachers insinuated that we make canopic jars too, which is now a possibility for his class… as soon as I find a nice jar, lid and figures to make a mold of. *brainstorming*

A sample I made.

A sample I made.

20131113_122139 20131113_122339 20131113_131351

Meanwhile, I have opted to have the 5th graders do a cardboard paper castle instead of the very time-consuming cardboard box castle like last year. This one is hand-sized, simple, individually-done and didn’t take too long to do, which means we can move on to the next lesson next week.

20131115_082756 20131115_082820

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