Snippets E Tenebris #1

Yesterday, while I was aboard the tuktuk on my way to the Riverside, I noticed a working man in black button shirt and slacks walking on the side walk smiling to himself. It was that sweet kind of smile that was brought about by something wonderful – the sort which involves butterflies and birds chirruping and Maria singing the sound of music on a hilltop. It was absolutely precious and infectious that I, too, was moved to smile. It made me wonder what had caused the man to make this inadvertent display of unconstrained joy. True love, perhaps? I sure hope so, or else I may have been admiring the sinister grin of a serial killer.

Meanwhile, down by the Riverside, a homeless woman in rags, with a large stuffed teddy bear fastened in front of her, approaches the garbage bin with contented bliss. She was was smiling that same joyful smile as the aforementioned man, as she hovered over the bin to inspect its contents. I have never seen anyone approach garbage — happily —  this way before.


A four-year-old girl was on her way out of the library when she complimented my outfit and said, “You have great high heels! It matches your skirt.”

Huh. Children are born critics, but this child in particular is a budding fashion police.



Interiors of The Mansion during an art exhibit

We were playing a game of ‘unscrambling a word.’ Three 2nd graders were standing over the table, all ears and pens ready in hand to write down the correct unscrambled word, to which the only clue was “animal.” The word was:

O  G  D

I unveiled the scrambled word before their very eyes and their pens immediately spelled down the correct word with such astounding speed. The answer, of course, is ‘dog.’ But for some reasons, one of my students wrote down ‘cat.’


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