Cherry Waves

As I  write this, Deftones’ “Cherry Waves” song is playing through my earphones. I remember listening to this song for the first time some years ago –  I was rather blown away! A friend of mine recommended the band to me after getting me to listen to Tool and A Perfect Circle. He thought I’d like them. To be completely honest, I wasn’t very impressed. I must’ve been overwhelmed by all these new bands he was recommending that it became difficult for me to pay any more special attention to any one of them. But then, “Cherry Waves” began to play and I was literally enthralled. I must’ve worn out the repeat button at that time. It is just so hauntingly beautiful. Intense. Simply brilliant song–writing and musical composition for its genre.

Then today at school, I suddenly missed it, out of nowhere. Okay, not quite true. I was listening to “Diamond Eyes” when I searched my iPod for the song only to find that it wasn’t even on my playlist! How could that possibly be? So here I am, I finally got the song uploaded to my player and have it playing in a loop.

I’m not sure what “Cherry Waves” mean and why they chose cherry over… well, I don’t know… a kiwi perhaps? But I certainly like how the melody of the song somewhat assimilates the waves of the sea during an oncoming storm. First the wind, then the rain, then the havoc. Kinda like Vivaldi’s magnificent “Four Seasons: Sea Storm” piece. You just know you’re listening to the sound of gigantic waves in the open ocean crashing upon each other through the descending notes; overlapping, foreboding, in quick successions until – bang! – it hits you. Then you start imagining the blowing wind; merciless and unrelenting, rocking a tiny raft to and fro by such force until it is finally engulfed by the growing hands of the sea.

Kinda like the eyes of Westley as described by Buttercup in “The Princess Bride.” Tee hee!


Several weeks ago, I went to Koh Rong in Sihanoukville overnight with a group of graduating Tourism students, one of which is a friend of mine. It was both a disastrous and inspiring trip. Disastrous in the sense that our cheap accommodations also meant we get crappy service, but it was inspiring in that I enjoyed taking photographs of nature’s beauty as seen on the rock formations there (and had I a powerful telephoto zoom lens, Koh Rong has an interesting and budding bird wildlife too). Photographs of these can be viewed in my gallery.


On our way back to Sihanoukville, we boarded a boat that has three floors, so I decided to head for the rooftop to get away from the chatter and giggling of those noisy but great bunch of ‘kids’ – just me, the sea, and the sky. Perfect! Call it my seafaring Dothraki moment. The rooftop had cushioned mattresses laid out over the floor with a tactical–leaf–shade–like covering over it which makes it a perfect place to take a nap in. And nap I did.

The swaying of the waves and the music it created, the gentle breeze, the lazy, semi–tranquil sensation I was enjoying all helped me fall sleep quickly. I savored it until I felt the sun’s beam began glaring over my eyes and then I was awoken to the sound of those kids already situated opposite me.


They found me! I was no longer alone after this photo was taken.

There is much more to be said about the waves, whether literally or metaphorically. At present, the waves of life had been kind to me. If anything, I am just sailing smoothly over it, although the current beneath is strong and is driving my direction towards many an uncertainty. Nevertheless, it is an adventure – a risk –  that does not at all disappoint.

So far.

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