Here’s That Rainy Day


“Miracle Art” at MarQuee Mall runs till early August. Photograph by my dad.

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, obviously. Friends and family, even strangers and colleagues, have seen me around town with my camera just shooting people and animals without actually murdering any of them. It’s a fantastic creative outlet for me, a stupendously fine hobby, and damn expensive one too! The lenses alone can make you cry with its regional unavailability and at times ridiculously high costs. I have been extremely lucky with my sellers, who didn’t think much of my camera and its lenses and had sold everything to me for cheap! I hit quite the jackpot with them.

To date I have acquired 5 lenses in the course of 3 years: 14 mm wide angle, 20 mm, 30 mm, 14–45 mm zoom, and 45–200 mm telephoto zoom. Yes, I am quite proud of my lens collection. However , beginning today, I now only own one lens – a 20 mm (which I kinda had to fight for). My dad took them all! Well, to be accurate, I gave it all to him (after much sweet talk from him, that is). He is, after all, responsible for this ‘inherited’ hobby of mine and the one who is reeeeaaaallly into photography since  as far as I can remember, so a 20 mm will do just fine since I do a lot of street photography, architecture shots, and Urbexing anyway .

Now the funny thing is – although I am not really laughing, and no one else is doing so and ever will –  but the funny thing is I started a new hobby and it, too, is pretty darn expensive to keep. Why do I do this? I must be angry with money if I’m so quick to let go of it.

Well I can’t really say for certain why I finally decided to succumb to my age–old childhood fantasies, but that’s the thing, you see – I’ve made an age–old childhood fantasy come true!

Flash back to my fascination for real miniature porcelain china tea set when I was kid, or a miniature kitchen set with real water coming out of its  miniature faucet, or the time when my mum made me miniature fruits moulded out of bread crumbs and nail polish, or the time when  Polly Pockets were popular and how I just coveted these from the glass displays at the toy store or from any of my classmates who owned them. Fast forward to college when I found myself fascinated with miniatures created out of polymer clay and then to the time I was so inspired and blown away by Marwencol and his world of toys and realistic toy photography.


So there I was at the mall – the toy store, to be precise – surveying the gamut of toys that filled the shop until I spotted the Sylvanian Families section and thought, “It’s time!” as if I have henchmen to command forth towards the forceful acquisition of such magnificent collectibles. I have suppressed the desire to collect them for far too long that it’s ridiculous how I had put it off for that long. My friends are toy collectors too and they’re proud of it; my sister included with her obsession for Kamen Rider! Toys also make great subjects for photography so what on earth was stopping me? Collecting toys does not make me a bigger weirdo than the next person (that would have to be my sister since she’s the closest by P1200488proximity).

Well, the next thing I know I had spent Php 3,000 worth of Sylvanian Families figurines and accessories set within just two days. *cough* Either I have secretly become a rich business mogul nobody knows about and is able to afford all these, or I am ploughing my way towards bankruptcy and it’s just a matter of time till I’m begging on the streets. Either way, I have been told to save up for a rainy day and I declare, by quoting Astrud Gilberto, “That rainy day is here!”

The Sylvanian Families can’t wait.

Here’s to hoping I don’t regret this. So far, I am enthralled by it and had converted to my most girly–girl mode, as I coo and squeal over to a slow but blissful death by cuteness.



Speaking of cuteness and imminent beggary, I have found the cutest tin can ever! I bought it solely for the tin can and was planning to throw away the candies inside until I tried one out and was surprised to find that it tasted exactly like my favorite childhood candy, White Rabbit! Ialready love this Peko candy now too!



The exhibit features optical illusion paintings

Since I arrived in the Philippines I had been looking for fun things to do with my family, be it  a movie night out or a jazz concert somewhere.  There’s nothing good showing in the theatres at present and jazz does not apparently exist within the the soul and conciousness of this entire province and its inhabitants. For that I weep.

But in my searches, I found an ongoing art exhibit advertised on It was just the kind of event I was looking for and so I made plans with my family the next day for us  ‘to go where I say.’ Long story short, we had so much fun!

One of our spontaneous trips was to Fully Booked, which is an amazing book store containing aP1200516 fantastic collection and selection of graphic novels. If books were food, my mouth watered in cascades. My sister finally completed her collection of “Trese” while I decided not to buy any of those tempting volumes of graphic novels, but I did order Yoshitaka Amano’s “Tale of Genji,” on a somewhat crazed whim.  I don’t know if the order is going to reach me before I leave, but what did reach me by arm’s length is a photography book by Angus McBean. What a funny man he is, but a masterful portraitist at that in the ca. 1930’s and 40’s!

…then I saw my bill. Sometimes, …okay, plenty of times, I tend to just shrug off the prices of my purchases until I sit down in a cafe looking at my acquisitions and then it finally dawns upon me with sheer clarity how flippin’ expensive this one particular book is!

Lesson learned: Just because it’s 50% off doesn’t mean it gets any cheaper. Marked down books are all an illusion! Smoke and mirrors… and keep me away from book stores.


Again, on the subject of impending pauperism, a certain pen tablet was purchased just recently so that a certain someone can pursue learning graphic arts, particularly graphic sculpting. It was more of an impulse–buy under the pretence of learning graphics, but now it’s become a serious deal. No more excuses! Time to keep up with the times.


Well, if worse comes to worse and I find myself on the precipice of poverty, I can always sell these stuff. Hah!

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