Things Are Looking Up

"Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich

“Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich

I am okay now. My grief – if we can call it that – is quite over. I’ve met some new people and am about to meet more; made appointments to meet them. Some doors have begun to open and I am peeking into the possibilities right now with my mind a–swirl with a multitude of thoughts that I am struggling right now to put them in place and strategize on making them happen.

The possibilities are endless. And yes, I might just put some verbs into it.

A friend recently told me of a Physics concept by Max Planck, which I thought is relevant to what I hold to be true in life. He states that Energy is equal to a constant times the speed of light over wavelength. The formula would look something like this:


Anyway,what really struck me from our conversations is when she quoted Planck to have said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Metanoia immediately sprung to mind, which in Greek means a complete 180 degrees change of direction, a radical transformation of the mind, just like Planck’s quote. It is a very beautiful Greek word often used in the New Testament Bible, which unfortunately is translated in English in its very limiting word as “repentance,”  which doesn’t give the word much justification when it has an utterly remarkable meaning.

Which also reminds me of what Igarashi–sensei once told me:


“Ichi–go ichi–e.” This beautiful phrase not only applies in kendo, but in every aspect of our lives. Like Cartier–Bresson’s “decisive moment” in photography, or Horace’s somewhat hedonistic “carpe diem” (but better; more aesthetically pleasing), the phrase means, “A once in a lifetime chance.”

 Well there are much of these happening to me at present, and there is so much to be said as well about ‘choices.’ Right now, I’m just letting life and chances and opportunities soak in until I can confidently say, “Je suis prest!”


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