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Happy New Year! 


2015 is definitely a year I look forward to. There is much in store; much to blog about.

To welcome the new year, I did follow Japan’s tradition of cleaning house. Like, a major cleaning job which took 2 days. I’ve set up a little studio by the window, which is something I should have done eons ago, and I have also dumped heaps of years-old clutter, which I finally felt able to let go of. Apart from that, lots of sneezing.

My room feels a whole deal cleaner now; it’s more spacious, and I feel able to breathe better. In fact, it inspired me to paint again, as you can see from the photograph above.

This year, I hope to paint more, set up some schedule for it and hopefully, follow through, and slowly set myself up as a real practicing artist and not just a hobbyist. I think I’m slowly getting an idea of what styles I prefer, and I shall be working on developing that (although I still like being versatile and try out different ones).

So here’s to a great year ahead! Hiyaaa!


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