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Paintings in 2016

Right before I went to Vietnam in September of 2016 for the 2nd Vietnam Kendo Open Championships, I painted some ACEOs for my would-be opponents and other kenshi I may have the pleasure of meeting. It turned out to be a very good idea indeed, and many enjoyed the unexpected little gift. Close-up view of […]

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2016 Was a Great Year (for Me)

Aye, it has been ages since I last wrote something in this online journal of mine, and it is mainly due to the many changes in my life towards the end of 2016 — which are all very good changes worth dwelling about — but I have decided to commit many of these wonderful changes […]


Yo practico escribir en Español

Viernes pasado no  tuve clase, pero yo fui a dojo (donde hago mi entrenamiento) para practicar kendo kata con mi amiga para la demonstración de artes marciales el sabado por la mañana.  Esta vamos muy cansadas por el día era muy caloroso. Que humedad! Despues de practicar, fuimos a un restaurante japonés donde comimos ramen picante, arroz frito y okonomiyaki. Normalmente, […]


The Flower of Phnom Penh

Last Monday morning (2nd of May), I was awoken by a phone call from the post office notifying me of the arrival of a package from Japan. I immediately knew it was from him! I went off to the EMS office and gave them the number of the package. Moments later, they took out a […]


Sensei Says, “Renshu This…” (Senseis’ Feedback)

I have been sitting in front of my netbook, gazing at the monitor, wondering what else to write on my term paper, which is due tonight before midnight and I can’t concentrate on it. I may look calm from the outside. I may be taking an overdose of chill pill to refrain myself from panicking unnecessarily, but my mind […]


Reflections on the Dan Shinsa and HK Taikai

THE TRIP Things were starting to look awry while I sat in the airplane bound for Hong Kong for two long hours, wherein people were fanning themselves in the heat because air-conditioning was not working, and so iced water were being distributed by the flight attendants because some engineering problem was being repaired. Yes, over […]

Christmas and Thank You gift for a lady kenshi. 2016.

Sensei Says, “Renshū This…!”: OIKOMI-WAZA

Recently, one Japanese kenshi I’ve been following on Instagram left a message on my recent video clip and commended my oikomi-men. Being a big noob still in the practice of kendo, I went on to find out what oikomi was. It turns out that this is the opportunity to attack after your opponent does hiki-waza (backward […]

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Christmas Came In Early

It’s been 12 months since I resumed doing kendo again after months-long hiatus! Isn’t that astounding? Time flew by in hyperspeed and it’s already been one year of regular practice. I will dare say, I have come very far! To my amazement, I seem to have inspired (or fascinated)  many people, regardless if they are […]



Great news, we now have a dojo! Even greater news is that we have begun practicing there beginning Saturday of last week! How thrilled we were to finally be able to slide on wooden floors; to have plenty of keiko space; to have locker rooms to keep our personal stuff in, and to have shower […]


Sensei Says, “Renshū This” (Move With Your Koshi)

Tonight’s keiko was rather interesting. It felt different — like it was a mature kind of jigeiko I did tonight. What I meant by that is, often J-sensei would give me opportunities to hit him (which he still did this evening), but it was a step up from the usual. We were doing ai-men (striking men simultaneously) […]

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