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As I’ve mentioned in my short bio, my art style is still very much at an experimental stage, so with that I can say I relate very well to Henri Matisse, who tried out every style and technique from rising art movements in his day, until he had exhausted all there is to know and do out there in the field of artistry before finally settling upon that one form of art he was most comfortable with. Likewise, I am learning all there is to know about art — still exploring, still experimenting, and still developing my artistry — till I find ‘the one.’

But for the time being, I find myself drawn to clean and simplistic, fluid but bold outlines, vibrant colors, dynamic subjects, perspective, and a sense of joy or festive atmosphere. I suppose this is why I am so fascinated with the Fauvists and a few other Expressionists presently. To see some of my work, please click any of the links below.






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