“The Kids’ Art Pack” by Ron Van der Meer

I found this gem of an Art book — Kids’ Art Pack by Ron Van Der Meer — at a known second-hand bookstore here in Phnom Penh [now closed], and I felt immensely lucky (or blessed) to stumble upon this (fortunately) ignored beauty (except by me).

My initial impression when I first saw it was that it was just another Art Attack book, but upon opening it, I was just blown away by small painting reproductions accompanied by very informative captions and 3D pop-ups.

Below is a small student’s portfolio which contains paintings and a ‘sketchbook’ containing some very interesting art work.

Upon seeing the 3D/pop-up reconstruction of Vermeer’s painting, I knew I had to have this book!

This will make great visual aid for my young students. They are going to flip!

It also includes an activity book which introduces various art techniques and materials and some how to’s.

Like I’ve said, it’s a real gem!


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