Color Pencil Drawing


This drawing started when I was teaching a student how to draw — to really look and see the lines, their directions, their shapes and spaces from each other. It’s a difficult concept to imbibe in a 10 year old — in fact, it took me years to finally understand and see them, but I thought it best to let him know now so that later on, when he’s a lot older, he’ll hopefully remember it and be able to finally see them as they are (just as it did for me).

Well, that was over a month ago now. It took many Tuesday to build this drawing up and finally finish it. It’s hard when you make mistakes with color pencils — you can’t erase them; it’ll only ruin the entire drawing — so I am not completely satisfied about certain pencil strokes here, but I am happy that I was able to create something like this and to finally put it aside.

What made it more interesting is that I used Faber-Castell  Classic color pencils, which are pretty good! They’re considered student color pencils, but are of excellent quality and really delivers bright colors and smooth blending.


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