A Bin-Worthy Art Collection

In connection to yesterday’s ramblings, I have decided to put together a collection of photographs featuring my now ‘normal’ drawings created as working models  for my Art classes and for my students’ own juvenile pleasures.These have not ended up in the trash because I intend to use it again as  models for next school year.

This is where the lines between Art and art work are slightly blurred. Because it is art, but at the same time it is not. That is, it is not the ‘high-art’ sort that Art snobs would dare consider nor would it be the kind expected of me, a self-professed ‘artist.’ Anyhow, some of these have been very fun to do, compelling students to outbursts of “I want to be an Art teacher someday!” much to my delight and amusement, while some are just plain funny (and I have nothing more to say about the matter).

Here you have it — my ‘art.’ Enjoy!


4th Grade: Sample drawings of Ancient Greek shields on the white board.


2nd Grade: Elements of Art: SPACE. Silhouette paper layers featuring spaces as foreground, middleground and background (my work among student work).


4th Grade: Ancient Greek hoplite drawing inspired by amphora paintings and my name in Greek (which is probably heavily misspelled).


5th Grade: Renaissance Art — Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Stencil and sponge activity.


3rd Grade: Cambodian Art: Happy Paintings inspired by STEF. Scene of Cambodian rural life.


1st Grade: Flip-drawing


1st Grade: Portrait of a teacher (me).


Kindergarten: Gingerbreadman stencils brought to colorful life.


1st Grade: Worm’s Eye View


2nd Grade: Elements of Art: Cool Colors.


1st Grade: Art Free Time — I was requested to draw a dragon for students to copy. I copied the green dragon off a brilliant book (the title of which now escapes me).


1st Grade: Art Free Time — I was requested to draw Arctic animals in different positions.


3rd Grade: Meditating Buddha (inside is a wide-eyed Buddha).


1st Grade: The town.


1st Grade: Buildings. One of the most fun things to do that my students love.


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