New Sylbunnies and Thank You Painting


A few months ago, I asked a colleague of mine if he could buy me a family set from the Sylvanian Families when he returns to the UK for Christmas. He said ‘yes,’ and when winter break came around, I reminded him of it and he was still okay about purchasing it for me, and I was thrilled! I left him some  money, he ordered it online and then sometime before New Year, he has it! I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait for him to come back to Cambodia.

To thank him for being such an awesome person and for keeping a calm demeanor for my rather strange request, I painted him a little thank you card. He came by the library today and thanked me. He said that when I asked him before what I could do to thank him, he thought of asking for a picture from me… and voila!… I did without him even asking. So yeah, I’ve become quite psychic. Or people who do favors for me have become predictable. But it was wonderful to see him happy about it. It makes me happy too.



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