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Finally face to face with my favorite painter, Van Gogh at the Musee d'Orsay.

Finally face to face with my favorite painter, Van Gogh at the Musee d’Orsay.

Hi! I’m VJ!

I am a Filipino artist and art educator currently residing in Cambodia. I am mostly self-taught, although I took a semester of Painting course at Ford Academy of the Arts in Davao City before entering the world of employment. I finished a degree in Art Studies: Interdisciplinary at U.P. Diliman.

My art style is still very much at an experimental stage, and I’m still trying out as many different art styles as I can and figure out which style I am more attuned to. Having an Art Studies background, I have much respect and admiration for many art movements and styles, but I tend to dabble more towards my childhood favorites — manga and anime, as I often like to add a bit of humor in my art and use bold outlines, vibrant hues or subdued colors, and add a touch of history and culture here and there, if possible.

If you would like to commission me to do illustrative work for you, please contact me via my contact page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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  • Artists Revive Golden Age of Cambodia in Upcoming Doc

    YEAR 33, directed by Kathryn Lejeune, is an upcoming feature length documentary that tells the inspiring stories of three young Khmer artists who are quietly working to revive their country’s devastated artistic heritage. An intimate glimpse into their lives reveal universal truths within the unique and fascinating setting of a quickly changing Cambodia. The film, set to be released later this summer, sheds light on the beauty and hope that can come from persevering through hardships and the strength that springs from artistic expression.

    Thirty three years after a brutal regime targeted and killed 90% of artists and a nearly one third of the entire population, Cambodia is still recovering. Economic hardship and political strife has slowed progress, leaving the country one of the poorest in the world. However, the art scene has lately seen a resurgence of growth due to a dedicated group of individuals determined to see their country as once again “the Pearl of Asia.”

    “For the past couple of decades the entire country has been closed,” said Loven Ramos, owner of art hotel and gallery 1961 in Siem Reap, “So people have been interested to rediscover a culture that was for the longest time under the shadows of secrecy and shrouded … but now it’s great that the entire world has been awakened and are hungry and thirsty to rediscover [this culture].”

    This growing revival is fragile, yet filled with incredible potential to make a real difference in Cambodia. “We want to encourage everyone with a love for art, culture, and travel to join this movement,” said Lejeune, “It doesn’t matter where you live, together we can bolster the efforts of these talented artists and create something beautiful and lasting.”

    For more information, visit:


    The trailer for Year 33:

    For press photos, please visit:
    Password: press33

    For further information, contact:
    Kathryn Lejeune, Producer / Director
    Sueño Documentary Films, LLC
    Los Angeles, CA

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